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The Shot...

Every shot tells a story...let me share them with you.


When The Clouds Come Down To Visit...

Well, what can I say? If you want a nice story I'll say that this year was just simply AMAZING!! I learned I have the coolest superpowers ever, I mean c'mon, how cool is that!? I became the president of the United States of America and ended world hunger, child trafficking, terrorism, and passed a new law that states that if you want to be in politics and act like Hitler, you'll be taken to a tiny island in the middle of nowhere and live the rest of your days drinking coconut water and talking to Wilson - hope you saw Castaway. However, if you want the truth, I'll say that 2015 was pretty Shitty...yeah, I said it! This past year I felt like everything was falling apart around me...worse yet, I felt like I was falling apart. Things just got so difficult. Too hard to breath through sometimes. I really wanted to just give up. Depression and hopelessness set in...loneliness was my constant friend. There was just no break, no real time to rest and feel right again. Finances were a mess. The list goes on and ooooonnnnn. People have asked me the question, "How do you do it?". My answer always was "One minute at a time."  I have to say that most of my adult life, I have survived one minute at a time. But in 2015 that was just not enough. At times I thought I was going crazier by the minute. 

So when I think of this new year, I think of fresh starts, and amazing progress. Reasons to laugh and dance. Reasons to toast. Reasons to stop, breath, and be grateful. Reasons to give thanks to God for making a way where there was none.

So I encourage you to look forward to great things in 2016. That this New Year will be a huge blessing for us all.


Love you all-