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Just me...

So yeah...that's me. Many people in my lifespan have told me "You're not like most other _____." When I was a lil' thing the blank was "girls". When I got older it was "women". As people began seeing my interactions with my kids, it was "mothers". There have been other nouns that have filled that blank...but let's move on.

Well I have to say that every time that's been told to me, my heart has smiled. You see, I've always liked being different...well not 100% of the time, but most. I like being me. I was never that lil' girl that liked to play with barbies and dress up in pink dresses. As I grew up, that didn't change much...I'm not the type of woman that always has her nails and hair done and you probably will never catch me wearing pink. Don't get me wrong, I love having "me time", but I'm not the one with pink nails...red yes, black yes, but pink hell no. The times that my nails are "unkept" (as someone once put it lol) it's because I either had something more important to do or spend my money on.

As far as my mothering is concerned, I aways thought of it as my greatest responsibility but more so my greatest honor. So I try to be the best mommy I can possibly be. Always trying to put myself in my kids shoes when there is a situation that has to be dealt with. Each of my Fab5 are different and I always try to be sensitive about that. They are people with feelings, hopes, dreams, and even random food cravings at 12 midnight just as I am. I'm the one there to guide them, teach them, and mostly love them. We are a team and I love being their mommy. They are my world and I do everything in my power to keep them safe and loved.   

If we have ever been friends you know I have a very bad temper, but I am very sweet and loving...I love to love. When asked "What are your favorite colors?", my answer is always black & red (yes I know black isn't a color lol). I am artistic, I love drawing, painting...well, I believe I love all the artistic mediums I've had the pleasure to get my hands on. I love music, it drives me...daily. I think I'd go crazy without it  (you're probably saying "Oh please, you ARE crazy" lol...and you're absolutely correct but you know what I mean). I like to have nice things, they don't have to be the most expensive but they have to be nice. I have always been intrigued by technology so yes a fully loaded car with all the bells and whistles makes me happy however, there's just something about a classic car with a great engine that just...well let's move on...again. I love having time to reflect and pray but I also love being around people, no, not all people, but people that I can be me around without judgment. People I can laugh with and trust.

I love quality in all things. I don't need a million fake friends, just a few amazing ones. I don't need a mansion, just a beautiful home filled with love, laughter and lots of music to dance to. Oh and a great kitchen (still working on getting that kitchen) where I can just create a delicious meal for my family with some Marc Anthony playing in the background and a glass of wine on the side. I don't need excess in my life...I need quality.  To me, being different is a good thing. Being just plain ol' me is where I'm most comfortable. Why do I have to be like everyone else? That's boring. God created us all with different personalities, talents and likes for a reason. So why not show who you were created to be?

That's a little about me...thanks for reading : ) 

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