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Every shot tells a story...let me share them with you.


I was driving my kids to one of their favorite stores the other day...no I'm not talking about that famous toy store that I felt I lived in for years when my kids were lil'..and yes I'm going to leave you guessing on what store it is. Of course we were having a conversation as usual. 

So the conversation took a turn, I was asked where I'd like to live when I get older. If you didn't know already, my kids all plan to be very successful in the near future, pull resources together to take great care of me...YAY ME...lol. 

"So mommy, where do you want us to buy you a house?" I stood silent for a few minutes, in deep thought. 'Do I want to be in another state? Should I spend my "golden years" on a house by the beach? Should I live in PR?' So many choices. I literally couldn't answer...I'd miss my home. I'd miss my NY. The place that I can walk down the street and choose what Bodega to go to. The place where I can take a train to just about anywhere. Taking walks by the West Side Highway or by the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge. Making beautiful memories in my city. The city that offers so many different types of food. Where there are so many interesting people with amazing stories to tell. 

Don't get me wrong, waking up hearing the waves crashing and smelling the salt air...just the thought makes me smile, but there is just something about my city. I guess it's just home. 

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