Portrait Photographer

The Shot...

Every shot tells a story...let me share them with you.

What's her story?

Her again...

Have you ever come across a person and wondered what their story was? For me, the woman in the shot above, is that person. 

It was summer. The night was so hot I couldn't fall asleep. I got up from my bed and went to the sofa where it was a tiny bit cooler. So I ended up falling asleep there...eventually. Very early the next morning, around sunrise, I hear noise coming from the front of my house. I open my eyes slightly and there she was. A slender, very seasoned lady looking through my recycling bag. I thought nothing much about it, and I closed my eyes and fell back to sleep.

As time went by, I kept seeing her. Different days, Different times. Each time I saw her, I became more and more curious. "What's her story?" Everyone has a story, what was hers? What brought her to collect cans every week? Not even the bad weather stopped her. Determined. 

So one day I said two words to her... "Good morning". To my surprise, she stopped, looked at me, smiled and replied "Good Morning" with a heavy accent...sounded Russian. Since then, every time she sees me, I hear a warm greeting coming from this woman with the unknown story. The story I want to know.