Portrait Photographer

The Shot...

Every shot tells a story...let me share them with you.


Beautiful like her...

What can I say, they remind me of her. 

I grew up in the projects. At times I felt like I was Rapunzel, yes I had long hair lol, but that's not why. You see, I lived on the 9th floor, as a lil' girl it seemed so very high up and I felt, as time went by that I was locked away in this tower to keep me safe. 

The tower was always clean...I mean ALWAYS. My beautiful mommy liked it that way, and secretly so did I. I knew where everything was. "Where's the tape?!" "I don't know...ask Vivian." "Vivian where's the tape?!" I'd always know lol.

But there is one thing about my tower that I'll never forget... In the living room there were three large windows side by side and that's where she kept them...the beautiful plants. It was like my own lil' forest. I loved my forest...so colorful, so beautiful. 

When we moved to a house my beautiful mommy continued to make my surroundings beautiful. She took it a step further this time though. In front of our house there were two large spaces intended to be used for greenery. Mommy made sure to use them wisely. The flower pictured above is one of the types of flowers she planted there. 

The other day I saw this flower and it just flooded my mind with so many wonderful memories of my forest in my tower and the many flowers mommy planted around our first house. Thank you mommy for making everything beautiful. Flowers remind me of you. I love you.