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The Bird Man and Poppi...

Am I in Puerto Rico?

Am I in Puerto Rico?

So I was out with my kids enjoying the Yankee game earlier this week...along with a large group of crazy (you know you all are lol) people I know. I sadly had to leave the game a bit early to make an appointment I had scheduled. After the appointment my kids asked to stop at Nathan's...because yes, you guessed it, they were hungry. Again.

Anyway, I go thru the drive-thu and I look up and suddenly felt as if I was with my mom in PR! I see a man with a big beautiful parrot on his shoulder. "What the heck?!" We were in shock!

After getting the food, I drove up to talk to this man I knew nothing about...just that he had a story to tell. Well, he introduced his parrot as "Poppi" and said everyone calls him "The Bird Man". He was very nice and told me a bit about Poppi. It was great how their bond was so evident.

They ride everywhere together. If you see them around, say hi.